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The Last Of Light

The walls got tighter and the corridor chilled his very core as a noble Cry made his shaky way down to the stairs leading himself to the ground floor of the once beloved home of a dear friend of his since childhood. They had grown apart long before the sudden disappearance of the said friend and Cry went to visit him the night mere moments before he heard the news. With each loud creak of shifting floor boards, he found himself more shaken than he once began. 'I feel like every wall is plastered with eyes. What happened here that made this all so surreal only hours ago?' As he tried in a seemingly vain attempt to grasp logical causes, he was greeted by an eerie tone of footsteps coming down the hall, by the sound of it,  just a few feet away! Cry slowly turned his head as horror struck him so hard, he could scarcely mutter a single sentence before feeling stiff to his very soul, "What have you done,...?"

To be continued...
A CRY FANFIC!!! Because I can!!!
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January 15, 2013
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